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Office Chair Arm & Back Repairs Sydney | Central Coast | Newcastle

Problems with office chair backrests can often be resolved with a simple service or adjustment. If the issue is more complex, our technicians will always let you know and provide an expected cost so you can make an informed decision.


Some common backrest problems we can help with include:-

  • Backrest falling forward or back / not holding its position

  • Backrest won't lock into place or is stuck in one position

  • Backrest not holding its height and drops down / ratchet not working

Arm pads often become damaged by hitting against the edges of desks or boardroom tables. Some options we provide are replacing the arm pads, fitting complete new arms or removing the arms completely.

For any arm or backrest issues you are having with your office chair(s), The Chair King's technicians will come to you at your home or office anywhere in Sydney, the NSW Central Coast or Newcastle.

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