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Office Chair Gas Strut Replacement Sydney | Central Coast | Newcastle

Gas strut replacement is the solution for "sinking" office chairs that are not maintaining their height. We remove the worn out cylinder and fit a brand new, AFRDI-certified gas strut which carries a 12-month warranty.


We also supply heavy duty gas struts for heavier people and by using different size gas lifts can customise the seat height range of most office chairs to best suit the user.

At the Chair King we replace gas cylinders in task chairs, executive chairs, Herman Miller chairs, draughtsman chairs, industrial stools, saddle seats, kneeling chairs and more.


The Chair King's technicians will come to your home or office anywhere in Sydney, the NSW Central Coast and Newcastle to replace your office chair gas cylinders.

Gas strut replacement is an effective way to add years of life to your office chair(s) at a much lower cost than replacing the chair.

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