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Office Chair Repairs Canberra

Our mobile, onsite chair repair service aims to assist businesses, Government departments and people working from home in Canberra by offering cost-effective repairs to office chairs, with excellent service and a fast turnaround.


Our technicians have specialised training in fixing many brands of office chairs, including Australian-made chairs, unbranded chairs and imported brands such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Wilkhahn and Formway/Life.  They will come to your office or home and repair your chairs onsite. If the repairs are more substantial or it is just not suitable to do them onsite, The Chair King can take your chairs for repair and return them in minimal time.

We stock parts for brands such as Herman Miller and specialises in repairing Aeron, Mirra and all Herman Miller chairs.

Our technicians regularly perform chair audits for Government agencies and larger companies. Audits play an important role in WHS compliance and help to identify problem with chairs which may pose a risk to staff safety and well-being.

Why not give us a call for a free quote? Having your office chair repaired is kind to the environment and will save you money.  It's also easy.  No need to leave the office - we come to you.

At the Chair King we are committed to helping you resolve any chair issues that arise. 

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