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What to Look for In An Office Chair

If you are looking to purchase an ergonomically designed office chair, you have made a smart decision, but take care when purchasing. Lots of office chairs are labelled as 'ergonomic' - but they're not. Some things to look include whether the chair is certified to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4438 (height-adjustable swivel chairs).  Not all chairs are submitted for testing, and it may not mean the chair is not of good quality, however if it has this certification (the AFRDI blue tick), you can rest assured that you are looking at a quality product.  

Chair selectionChair is not the appropriate sizePoor back supportFront edge of seat insufficiently rounded and / or paddedUser misjudges height of stool or slips or overbalances whilst getting on or offHave an ergonomic assessment undertakenTry chairs of different styles and dimensions until user feels secure, has adequate support and feels comfortableWhen purchasing new chairs specify seat pans to have a well padded rounded 'waterfall edge'Alert all users of high chairs or stools of the need for particular care when getting on or off these

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