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Office Chairs and Workplace Health & Safety

Did you know repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) account for the highest percentage of all WorkCover claims and broken, wrongly adjusted and worn-out office chairs are a major cause of repetitive stress injuries in the workplace. Find out how to protect yourself and your staff from unnecessary injury and avoid WorkCover claims.

Are your chairs compliant with the Workplace Health & Safety Law?

Under Workplace Health & Safety law, the employer has a duty of care to employees to provide and maintain for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health (so far as is reasonably practicable). Office chairs are an important feature of most offices but are often put in the "too hard" basket when it comes to maintaining them in good working order.

If you are the person responsible for WH&S in your workplace, you may be thinking "how do you maintain office chairs - don't you just throw them away when they break?". Well, this is a logical thought as many people are unaware of the options available, such as having gas struts and bases replaced, and that these services are very reasonably priced.

Most importantly, having office chairs serviced regularly reduces the risk of injury to employees. This is a very real risk. Broken, wrongly adjusted and worn-out office chairs frequently lead to repetitive stress injuries. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) account for the highest percentage of all WorkCover claims.

More information:

Comcare, the Federal Government agency responsible for workplace safety, rehabilitation and compensation has published on its website a risk management tool which is a helpful guide in reducing risk of injury from office chairs in the workplace. Comcare's recommendations include:

  • Having all staff trained how to adjust their chairs correctly obeying ergonomic principles

  • Arranging periodic inspection and repair or replace any chairs with faulty adjustment mechanisms

  • Arranging periodic check of all chairs / desks for required maintenance

How We Can Help

The Chair King offers regular office chair maintenance programs and chair audits for all size businesses.

for a free consultation to discuss how we can best assist you.

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